Life and Moving Forward
"Life is a succession of lessons, which must be lived to be understood."

So, I suppose a few things noteworthy have happened since last I penned my thoughts. I was spending quite a bit of time meditating in the alcove of Albreda in the Temple of Light, in Ilithi. During this time I was sought out by a young Bard. I should not say young as we know it, he is most definitely an old soul, and a wise one. He has advanced admirably within the guild already and I would say he is already an adept warrior. He does the guild proud. But he sought me out and he asked if I would teach him what I know. He has a real passion for history, but he cannot stand the stuffiness and isolation that most libraries bring. So I will rely on another aspect of our rich tradition of scholarship, and provide him through story and song the lessons which I have learned thoughout my life. It is abnormal for me to commit to taking on an apprentice, but Jerodan shows a level of promise that really invigorates me.

Also to visit me in the shrine has been Hrethgar, the Knight Madigan's former apprentice and a fellow devotee of Albreda. We sat and he shared some of his thoughts with me regarding the Goddess and her following and I, in turn, shed some light of my own regarding some concerns he had. He mentioned to me that he will be putting together something of a book regarding his experience in following the Kind Mother and how her worship can be applied to our daily lives. He actually was kind enough to let me read some of his notes which will eventually form the rough draft for his book and I have to say I was really impressed.

Walking the streets of Ilithi, I found myself in one of the gardens surrounding the great tower idly picking at one of the fresh and bright blossoms that Spring brings us. I'm not sure how long I stood there before I realized I was not alone, and so I began a mild conversation with a solemn looking young Elothean woman. She is a Seer of the House of the Silver Star and a Moon Mage by profession. We were discussing some of the recent current events and she mentioned a vision she had regarding some S'kra Mur figures and a trade city, that after listening to careful detail about the features of the people and their elongated snouts and the yeehar drivent ransport, I knew it could be no place other than Muspar'i. After our short conversation, I decided it was time for me to head back home and see if everything was okay.

A couple of tired days later, I arrived at the imposing gates of this beautiful city. Not much has changed here. I wrapped the mistsilk cowl a little more securely around my face and I ventured in. It wasn't long before I found myself at Heketha Square and the entrance hall to my guild. I spoke briefly with my mentor Selinthesa, and she had nothing new to add other than her anticipation for the upcoming performance. Seeing that all seemed well, I set back toward the Street of Priests and the temple areas, where I began to write this entry.

I would also like to comment on the future. I don't know what it holds, but none of us really do. The Moon Mages tap into it, they see glimpses and signs. But Fate can always be altered by the simple act of living life. One day, I hope to see a baby in my future. One of my dearest friends, Aeviona, just recently had her baby. I was supposed to be there as midwife support, since I have formal training in it, but I was unable to be there. While it does hurt to know I was not there for her, I do know that she was in the capable hands of the midwife Lanita. There is some comfort there. I cannot wait to see the newborn though. I'm sure the baby is absolutely gorgeous.

I hope one day that I can successfully have a baby with Marsais. Each moment we spend together is without flaw. We don't argue, we're not mean to one another. Each of us seems to have an inhuman level of understanding and patience and support. I know that anything I do, he will be behind me 100%. He is so kind, so gentle, so intelligent. Yet he is also strong, courageous, fearless and despite the obstacles that threaten to halt his advancement, he rises to meet every challenge with his head held high. Not only is he my perfect match in every way, but I believe he will make an amazing father to our child one day and that is a gift that no amount of money could buy.

I very much look forward to my next teaching session with Jerodan, and I hope that this city has an impact on him, even if not as profound as the impact it had on me.

It has been 396 years, 108 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.
It is the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Iron Toad.
By my hand,

Terra Talmuron
Lore Keeper of Muspar'i

Ambassador of Peace
The other night, I was with Marsais as we entered the great halls of Therenborough Keep. Lord Chamberlain Isleif Dunshade was about, and there was some heavy discussion regarding a mercenary group known as The Flying Company. I should say now that my opinion of them is neutral, but I have found many of the members to hold a great deal of honor, on a personal level. And I call more than one of it's members a friend.

What worried me about this conversation was the severity in which they treated the situation of the Flying Company being in Therengia. I know they hold honor and loyalty above many things in Therengia, but the way this subject refused to die from their lips almost revolted me. To the point that I did speak out. My concern for their inability ot move past this issue was not met kindly, but I did inspire myself, so to speak. So I asked the Court Advisor for an audience with the Baron.

I understand this may be fruitless, and I understand that I may not be met with kindness, but I must try. I am going to go to the Baron, and ideally other nations as well and appeal to them to listen to reason. To cast aside these petty differences and resentments, at least for now, and unite under one banner. That is my dream. When I held the prayer vigil to Albreda the other night, I felt like my mission became clear. I will travel to each province, as an Emissary of Albreda, to try and help them to understand the severity of our problems. Divided, our lands fell once before to the great evil of the Dragon Priests. This threat is much worse.

Working together, I think we stand a chance.

The Surprise of a Lifetime

I suppose you could say that yesterday began like any other day. The morning sun rose bright in Therengia, and I set out to do some hunting. The day was fairly unremarkable. I ran into the Gypsy lady Teamarie Wolfone, one of the Bards in Therengia who I am not friendly with. But things change, people change. Let me explain for a moment why I did what I did, before I tell you what that was.

I've taken some time recently to meditate on my Goddess Albreda and what following her as a non pacifist means and how my lifestyle could better reflect my devotion. She is the cementer of alliances, the patron of abandoned children, the peace maker. And the events surrounding my life lately have been riddled with chaos, disarray and as much as I hate to say it..a degree of hostility. So, in order to live a purer, simpler life, I have chosen to make ammends with some of those people that I have needless running conflicts with. Teamarie is one of the major ones.

So I saw her at the Quadrangle in Therenborough proper and decided that maybe it was time to try and bury the hatchet. I greeted her and welcomed her to Therengia, which I expected she would have taken as sarcasm. For whatever reason, I will not try to guess, she took it as a gesture of goodwill. So far, things were going well. I saw that she was with a gentleman, who seemed to be in a hurry so I told her that I hoped we could let the misgivings from the past not affect us in the future. To general astonishment, she agreed. And so I walked away feeling slightly satisfied. It was probably my imagination, but as I went to clean my totem I thought I saw a sparkle in the dove's eye. But I digress.

Night came before I knew it and as I had napped earlier in the day, I was wide awake and went to hone my skills with a quarterstaff. Part way through, I hear Marsais' thoughts in my head asking if he could steal me away for awhile. What kind of fool would I be to say no? I'm utterly in love with that man. A bit confused, because of the hour, I went back to the cottage and awaited for his arrival. Dashing in his icesilk lined greatcloak and blue silken shirt, I couldn't take my eyes off of him for the entire trip south.

We ducked past spiderwebs and foliage as we strolled by the outskirts of the Forest of Night, the rain just began and was pelting against us relentlessly. We walked through the city of Leth Deriel under the cover of the ancient trees and we went past the gate to the place that I love, where I grew up, the Abbey of Tamsine. I knew immediatly where we were going, but was befuddled by his choice of timing. We went through the great gates, past the stone house and over the small covered bridge until we were on the shore of Ilkas Veridun, Mirror Lake.

One of our first real "dates" was spent in the same spot. He said it's when he knew he loved me and that he never wanted to be away from me. I remember it vividly, the sun hung in the air like a blazing jewel, reflected in the waters of the ancient lake. And we swam lazy circles around one another, frolicking in the water and enjoying that special time when you first begin to fall in love with someone. A feeling I am happy to say has not really gone away yet. We were standing there, the weather was ominous. Dark clouds and a light rain shrouded the sana'ati grove in the center of the island in a thick ring of mist.

We talked for a few moments, and then he did it. He knelt down before me and he asked me to marry him. I can only imagine the look on my face, because my brain had temporarily stopped working and my heart was beating into overdrive. As I stood there, perhaps a few seconds longer than I should have in silence, he gazed up at me with a worried look and I realized I had let him wait too long. I spluttered out a frantic but emphatic yes and we embraced exuberantly.

I wouldn't call it divine intervention, but I would call it a sign. As we embraced, the sun began to rise from behind the thick blanket of clouds, piercing the grey veil with shining rays of golden light. To me, it let me know that even though we live in dark times and people would despair, there will always be hope. And I am in love, I have so much to be thankful for.

By my loving and still beaming hand,

Terra Talmuron, for now.

Journey North
I began today like any other. I began to weave magic into a song and carry on with a few mundane tasks. It was then that it happened. I was doing okay, until I heard it. I don't even know if you could call it a sound. A vision in the back of my mind, a flaring star maybe and an angry man with red hair. The man looks so familiar. But why? I don't receive visions. And then the word hit the back of my brain like a silent alarm: Caution. I struggled to figure out the voice, but it wasn't long before I recognized it as the strained echo of my prophet friend Sionyl Faelrlyn. Was she attempting to send me a vision that she had seen? I wasn't sure. I shook my head, as if that would clear the images that just disrupted my mind and then another came into sharp focus, but this one was far more familiar. The Temple of the World Dragon.


Shaken by the onslaught and confused by their meaning, my direction became clear. I hastened my step, collected my belongings and wrapped my longcoat tight around me as I began my journey north. I slipped through the trees where the undead roam with relative ease and traversed the canyons near the Greater Fist without much cause for concern. I finally made it to the ferry that would bring me to Riverhaven so I may take that dangerous Mistwood Road, before entering the more familiar territory of the Ker'Leor forest.

Another vision, a keen wailing in the back of my head followed by a flash of red hair and the feeling of detached anger. I cluthed my head, uttered a mild curse and gripped the railings of the ferry.  It had nearly arrived on the other side before a sense of peace washed over me. Never before has my friend tried to send me these types of messages before, so why now? I feel that either the distance separates us too far or her skill is waning because of the moons, because everything seems jumbled. I just know where I feel like I need to be. I need to make sure nothing has changed in Muspar'i. I need to make sure everyone is okay.

I will write more once I get there, but for now I make haste through the fields of Therengia in hopes that I reach my destination in time.

For what? I do not know.

Dreams and Reality

Dreams. Sometimes we have a dream that is so vivid and realistic that we often mistake it for real life. I have been living in one of those dreams for the last few months. My time with Marsais simply gets better and better with each passing day, and it constantly surprises me how perfect we really are for each other. We spent an amazing time on the Qi islands that ended with a trip to the Isle of the Damned, Mer Kresh and M'Riss. 


I spent a bit of time scowering through the dunes with my dear friend Sionyl. She sought the knowledge of a Sand Elf that dwelled there. I managed to navigate the dunes with ease, a feat I attribute to the many years I have spent amongst the Velakan dunes. But on the way out, while passing the renowned Dwarven Warrior Grungy, I was caught off guard and knocked out by a vicious creature which I did not see coming. Feeling the warm embrace of phoenix wings, I released my grudging hold on life and found myself coming to at an altar in a wooded area. There I met Sionyl and from there she went her seperate way. I spent the rest of the trip with Marsais, hunting the vicious feline caracals before we found ourselves being the hunted. But that is a tale for another day, if I should decide to admit to my own crushing failure.

We made it back to the mainland in time for the Ilithi Visions meeting held by my dearest friend, the Magus Malzard Miakainyuso. While I'm not a big fan of Ilithi, I have the utmost respect for the Court Mage. He is a skilled prophet, enchanter and beyond all of that he is one of the best people I have ever met and I am glad that I can call him friend.  But, just before the meeting we were standing in the gardens of the House of the Silver Star and his eyes became unfocused and he received a rather disturbing vision*. This ended up making the meeting all the more interesting, actually. But the whole thing brought back the seriousness of what is going on around us. Lyras has tampered with magics that threaten to tear the very fabric of reality. And what is being done to stop her? It seems like nothing. And that worries me, I am going to continue to pray to Murrula and Albreda for a sign of what to do.

I'm continuing my intense study and trying to refine my position as a scholar, a teacher and a skilled magical musician. But I must not neglect my combats. I find myself being so offended and irritated by inconsiderate and just plain mean people, that I want to be able to act accordingly when a time to act finally arrives.

I'll cut off my jumbled thoughts now, my writing always is so frantic but it really helps me to pen my thoughts.

By my hand,

Terra Talmuron

*Your heart takes on a slow, heavy beat.  Each pulse causes blood to thump through your ears, creating a strange, bass march and a rapid headache.

The unnatural blood pressure quickly builds until your vision begins to cloud and fail.  In the darkness you see a middle-aged Human woman walking alone in a verdant forest, each step in time with the pounding of your heart.  She is surrounded by a terrible aura that seems to rip and tear at the air around her: there is no visible effect on the wildlife, yet the concept of fundamental destruction lodges firmly in your mind.

A sharp whistle pierces the air, followed by Lyras staggering and roaring out like a beast!  Two arrows are now lodged her chest: one with an ivory shaft and covered with burning silver light, the other an unworked oaken shaft surrounded by the light of the sun.  Lyras screams and claws at the arrows, but does not fall.

Another arrow is loosed from the distance, this time taking Lyras in the back.  The third arrow is also oaken, well crafted and slick with poison.  There is no more screaming after the arrow sinks in: Lyras collapses upon the grass and goes still.

The third arrow, however, is not finished.  Poison drips from the shaft and onto the ground, instantly blackening it.  The corruption of the forest grows rapidly, turning the grass into dust and the trees into lifeless, hollow husks.  Within moments, Lyras's broken body is the only thing to be seen in a vast, unnatural desert.  Your vision fades as wind cries, diminished and profaned.

Enchanted Melodies

Hmmm, a few things to talk about. The tour of the islands with Marsais has been beyond amazing. I have never enjoyed spending time with one person so much. We have so much in common and we're both very light hearded individuals, so it makes for a really fast-paced, adventurous time. I'm going to keep my journal entries to a minimum so I can continue to explore the islands and hopefully give a detailed recap upon returning to the mainland.

We went to Ratha, probably my least favorite of all the islands. We walked through the busy streets and did a small private tour of the lighthouse there. It was nice, but eerie. There was a dense fog laying over the ground there and an unnatural chill to the air. I didn't care for it. The undead roam freely there. I would much sooner visit the lighthouse near the Cape of Storms, with it's warm beacon on the top floor and old rustic feel.


Then we went to the cliffs and decided to go for a swim. I had heard tales of the selkies that would dwell there. The Selkies were created by Peri'el in the Age of Myths. One of the few fae like creatures that were not created by Faenella, they were set upon the isle of Reshalia where they would gather upon the bluffs and sing to the sun at dawn and set it to rest at dusk. However, when the S'kra arrived they tried to enslave the Selkies they retreated deep into the cave and called upon the creatures of Ushnish to defend them.

So we dove down into the waters, seeking to communicate somehow with the Selkies and to observe them in all their splendor. I stripped down to a sleek bandeau and a rather fashionable loincloth, while Marsais stripped off his shirt and down to a pair of shorts and we dove in. I did manage to place my shintu between my teeth as we plunged into the icy water. We swam around for a short while, dodging the needle-like teeth of the azure merrows protecting the cavern before we finally came upon a beautiful, golden-eyed and pink skinned Selkie. She was an odd creature, beautiful and graceful, she seemed very intelligent. But being a creature that lives on the surface, I was unable to speak to her underwater, only bubbles came out.

And so I turned to the only other thing I knew, music.  I brought the shintu to my lips and the melody came to me immediatly. I began to play a soft melody, a gentle song that drifted on the water like the ringing cry of a dolphin. The notes drifted effortlessly from my shintu and the water itself seemed to relax. The selkie before me returned my song with a matched of her own and the two melodies blended together to form an otherworldly harmony that sent chills down my spine. What happened next, I don't know because the music took me to another place. In my eyes it was only the selkie and I, ensnared in an alluring net of sound and magic. My eyes drooped shut and my spirit sang as our song continued to soothe the area with a blanket of calm. When I opened my eyes, I noticed the selkie floating before me, a t winkle of joy in the golden depths of her eyes.

Our magical protection for being underwater fleeting, Marsais and I swam to the surface and he recalled to me the details that I could not see myself, oh and it was magical. This tour of the islands has turned out to be even more exciting than I had anticipated. Today we are continuing our exploration of the islands Mer'Kresh and M'Riss and their inhabitants. The islands so far are beautiful. I don't think I could live so far out here though.

In other news, it seems that Baron Gyfford Theren and Outcast Princess Macja eloped in Riverhaven last night under the divine guidance of the Priestess Valkri. What this means for treaties and traditions, I don't dare to guess but I hope given the timing of this news that any ill feelings will be held to a minimum.

My town time runs short at the moment, I am going to get in a bit of light hunting so that I can be better prepared in the face of danger than I was last evening. It was rather embarassing and I'd like to avoid that in the future if at akl possible. Until then..

By my hand,

Terra Talmuron

The Beginning of the Trip
So, we've set sail. Madigan's ship, The Dragon's Slave is one of the most amazing ships I have ever seen. The captain is flawless, the woodwork is exquisite. It's really rather stunning, and I've never been one that got really excited over a boat. With the wind whipping through our hair, we set sail to the island of Aesry Surlaenis'a. The gypsy has never looked more at home than he did with his foot propped up on the bow of the ship and a vacant, staring look in his eyes. I will never forget that look. The passion in his eyes will burn an imprint on my soul forever.

Upon getting to the island, we docked at the Harbor Docks and did a bit of exploring. We went shopping in the magnificent city, visited a couple of the beautiful altars scattered around, and just generally had an amazing time. Later in the evening, we had dinner at the local Inn and it was to die for. After that, a moonlit walk through some of the various gardens on the island, and I came back to a room littered with flower petals and spent a relaxing evening with the love of my life. It almost sounds corny, but I enjoyed it very much.

Every day is like slipping further into a dream. One day, I will have to come back to reality and face the horrible things that threaten to take over Kermoria. But until that day, I will continue to enjoy my dream with Marsais.


Leren's wedding is this evening, I'll need to get ready for it. I'm very excited to be a part of her big day. She really does deserve all the happiness that life has to offer. Perhaps one day that will be me. I am in no hurry. Life as it is now, is so close to perfect.

Honor and Courage
Somewhere around a week ago, Marsais had asked me to go with him to an award ceremony that was being held to honor those people who committed exceptional service during this war with Lyras. Of course I was honored to go. He is a brave and compassionate man. Honest, loyal, passionate, generous, strong. He deserves to be honored and I was proud to be there at his side. You see, I've fallen in love.

So we get there and the place was crowded. I was happy that I had put on one of my favorite white sari's and sapphire cloak. I made sure that I looked as good as I possibly could manage. This was his night and I wanted it to be perfect. We ran into several people that we both knew. Among them Madigan and Valynn, Shianalee and Mordibar, the Ambassador Wyndz. They went through and honored some of the folks from Ilithi and Zoluren who had done honorable deeds, and then it was Therengia's turn and Ambassador Wyndz got up to speak. Imagine my utter shock and bewilderment when she began to talk about a woman who had dealt with many of the provinces in communications, prayer vigils and battle tactics and she said Terra Talmuron. ME! Sure, I've done things to help, but I never anticipated a medal for me. Wow. I took it graciously and awaited for him to receive his award.

They finally called his name, and recognized him for his amazing service not only to the Province of Therengia, but to Kermoria as a whole. I was so proud of him. You see people who are given recognition like this, and you think to yourself that it's so nice that they are doing something good. You think that wow, they must be a good person and then you go about your business. But when it's someone that you know; someone that you love.. it fills you up with pride and joy. I knew how much he deserved this, I knew how much work he had put in and all of the things he has done to protect the people who cannot protect themselves.  It was a wonderful evening, all in all. The entire day was spent laughing and joking and playing and spending close time together. It was amazing, I have never in my life been so happy as I am these days. Let this dream not come to an end.

I know that the dream will not come to a close any time soon. We will be taking a private boat out on the sea's and taking an intimate tour of the Qi archipelago. We will be visiting all of the small islands that make up Qi Reshalia and learning as much about the history there as we can, taking in the scenery and with the wind as our only guide. I am so excited, I have never truly been sailing before. I have been on boats before, but never have I gone with the intent of enjoying the ride. It's usually only to get to one place or another. Now, it's a whole new story. My excitement is overwhelming me and my words seem jumbled. But I will be writing more as we begin our exploration in only a few weeks time. Until then, I continue to train diligently.


Well, not a lot of excitement has happened in my life recently.  Not too long ago, I was in Therenborough with my gypsy prince. He introduced to me a couple of people, amongst whom were Mord and Shianalee. They are not only his neighbors, but apparently they have been like parents to him. To me, this already said a great deal about them before I even met them and I was not surprised to find that they both seemed like incredible people. I could tell by the conversation I had with Shianalee in private that she was very protective over Marsais, and my heart swelled with joy that he had someone there for him that cared so much, besides me.

One amazing thing that did happen on that night is that I was reunited with an old dear friend of mine, a Bardess with talent beyond measure, and her name is Daerlynn. It is not typically my choice of lifestyle, but for the longest time I had a crush on Daerlynn. She has more talent than nearly anyone I have ever met in her chosen field. She is a shy, human Bardess, a romantic idealist, a warbling songbird, and a fair goddess. I have not only missed her presence, but the talent she bears. She used to put on a series called the Arthe Dale Concert Series, which would feature one performer doing a 30-50 roisaen concert. This had wild success. She's expressed interest in doing the very same thing in the province of Therengia.

There was a time in my career, as I was growing into my own, that I would have never considered doing a concert of any kind. A great part of me hates the stereotype that Bards have. The drunken gypsy lass who spends their days dancing and singing, laughing and carrying on, beating people over the head with a mandolin and generally rhyming everytime they speak. There's nothing wrong with people who choose to act like this, but I've always found it to be a great injustice to the Bard's Guild as a whole. There is so much more to being a Bard than performing. We are a very strong willed people, who have kept the history of the world, did Ezruh put it, when I spoke to him.. oh, yes Ezruh said: "Throughout time, Bards have been the mortar that kept our people and history intact. We have taught the people, soothed them when they were frightened and made them laugh when they would despair."

In my mind, Bards are scholars and adventurers more than anything else. We are the guardians of history, the weavers of complex magic, and the master orators. There are some Bards among us who are fierce in combat, and others like Daerlynn who could slay an empire with a song. Not many focus a lot of their study on magic theory and honoring the Bardic traditions like I have chosen to do, but enough do that it will not die out entirely. However, I've noticed that lately I have had a more keen interest in doing performances whereas before the idea would have made me ill.

So I am thinking that I will do a solo wind performance, sing a song, dance a traditional Velakan belly dance and maybe fit a story in there as well. The thought of doing a Theren Theater performance puts me on edge. It is close enough that Selinthesa might travel to it if she were able, or the Baron, or the King. But most of all, I would hate to falter and bring any kind of embarassment to my love. I don't think he would be disappointed, but in this case I am not only representing myself, but the man I choose to spend all of my time with. And here I am, finding myself talking about him yet again. Everytime I blink I see his roguish smile, setting my world on fire. Perhaps I will sketch out some details, or pen a few song ideas in my next journal. Until then, I look forward to my next interlude with the man I call home.

Of Love and War
A wise man once said:  "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with in us."

As I've written before, I'll write again that I'm in love. I am head over heels in love, school girl smitten and utterly in love with the gypsy Marsais. Every single day, he makes me fall in love with him over again. Prayers I've never even made have been answered. He's everything I never knew I wanted. We hunt together, explore together, share stories with each other, and sit and worship one another for anlaen on end. We have taken each other to some of the most amazing places. Just the other day, he took me to a tucked away altar to Peri'el in the dark spire. This altar was so far out of the way, I can't help but wonder what even prompted someone to create it back there. And the details were breath taking. To share an experience like that with a person that was hand-picked by the Immortals just for you, well... it's something I feel very fortunate to have experienced. But I need to change topics, because I could fill an endless number of pages with the joy that this man brings to me.

Not too long ago, I had a small chat with Selinthesa where she expressed her disappointment in my combat abilities. I promised to her that I would work on honing my skills, so when the time came to defend the Velaka and the Bard's Guild that I would be more capable. Just a few nights ago, with the help of my charming escort I arrived back home in Muspar'i. Our first stop was to visit her, after exchanging pleasantries I began my training session to see if I were ready to advance. Her speed and skill still catch me off guard, even after the many years I've studied under her. But in the end, she was very pleased with my progress and promoted me again. I can't help but feel as if I'm invincible when I receive praise from her. She expressed her interest in me performing at the Dancing of Flames next spring. What an honor. Me? I was left speechless. Naturally I agreed and I'll begin preparing this spring for an event that will most likely change my life and gain me the respect of the city.  The S'kra Mur which dominate the area are usually not as eager to accept people outside of their ru'at into their network of respect.

I am very happy with the way my life is at the moment. I have a strong network of amazing friends. A beautiful family, inside and out. And a man created so perfectly for me, that I couldn't have dreamt someone better if I had tried. Speaking of love and family.. my dearest cousin Leren Talmuron is getting married! Her husband to be, a man I have grown to adore, is named Teilan and he is a healer. A genuine and witty man, they make a perfect match and I am absolutely elated that they are getting married. She will be getting married on a riverboat, so I must plan my outfit accordingly. I believe this is the first wedding that I'll be going to that I will have a real date. I'm very excited. 

That is all for now, I have many thoughts coursing through my mind. I will be elaborating on them more in the next day or so. I need to go and prepare for a Shosandu vigil that they are holding in Ilithi. And, I must put on my best dress for Marsais, lest his gypsy gaze wander someplace else.


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